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Beverley A. Pattenden, Shiatsu Shin Tai bodywork therapistwinter candle

We are witnessing an incredible, exciting, and challenging time in human evolution: an emerging consciousness of body and spirit merging with matter and energy, physics and metaphysics.  It was once believed that evolution was guided by an external force outside the range of human consciousness, but we now know there is a possibility which will allow the conscious mind to interact, influence and even direct this process.  As we move forward from chaos (war, environmental disasters, etc.) and reorient into personal and social consciousness by way of uncharted territory, we can look to the process of creation as a means of finding the path.
All holistic health care practices require an individual to take responsibility and conscious action for the creation of one’s mental and physical health and happiness.  When our physical body is misaligned, it is often due to our lives being out of balance.  Our body then has to continually compensate and utilize our vital energy, causing us to feel more stressed and exhausted, and our physical and emotional symptoms and conditions often go unchanged.  True alignment takes place when physical, emotional and spiritual levels are aligned simultaneously; when we are aligned with self, our soul’s journey, others and nature.

Shiatsu Shin Tai is a form of bodywork therapy that precisely and effectively addresses postural and structural misalignments.  Shin Tai includes techniques such as specific muscle & joint releases, activating and relaxing the central nervous system, fascial releases and activation and release of energy (Chi) in the energy pathways of the body.   By creating balance, restoring motion and releasing stress patterns in the body enables us to adapt to stress and emotional imbalances very differently, and effectively allows us to fully engage in the flow of our day-to-day lives and happiness.  Once we take action by aligning and refining our individual inner health through Shiatsu Shin Tai therapy and lifestyle, we become more available and creative for ourselves, our families, relationships, communities and the planet; we discover and create our divine nature.

Beverley is available for bookings at DIG Yoga Lambertville by calling 215.584.7461


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Meditative Essential Oil Blend for the New Year

This essential oil blend is intended to echo the silence of the season.  Everything around us is frozen- slow and still- and slowing more, freezing more deeply.  Resources have been cut off; nothing was left for the leaves so the leaves left.  Fatty little squirrels sleep off their pumpkin binges and humans try to return like sap to the trunks of their family trees. These are delayed responses.  The days have already started getting longer, and the Earth is tipping us toward the sun. Light is returning, but it will be a bit longer before this has noticeable effect. All growth is dormant, and life force is drawn inward to the core, where it wells and waits and readies itself for the expansion that is to come.

As you engage in this blend, focus on the way the mind responds, slowly arriving at the place these plants are trying to take it.  These grounding and centering oils return the mind to a state of calm; a place of feeling content with simplicity.

Rest and Rejuvenation Massage Oil

15 drops Sandalwood
6 drops Cedar
6 drops Ginger
6 drops Bergamot
in 4 ounces of jojoba or sesame oil

The deeply warming qualities of ginger, the calming and grounding qualities of cedar, the mood balancing effects of bergamot and the meditative qualities of sandalwood, help promote an overall tranquil state: centering us and preparing us for expansion.

Apply these infused oils directly and massage into the skin. The blend can be used before, after, or with baths, during massage, or whenever a moisturizer is needed. Try massaging the ear lobes for deep relaxation.

Safety Guidelines
Use low dilutions. Do not take essential oils internally. May cause photosensitivity. Do not use in direct sunlight. Use with caution during pregnancy.

About the author: Rootfoot is a community-based essential oil distillation collective that produces high-quality oils from locally grown plants and re-purposed aromatic material. We exist to reconnect the earth and its people by providing education on aromatic plants in holistic health, and by collaborating with local farms, urban gardens, and businesses to promote conscious agriculture focused on the restoration of the earth’s vitality. www.rootfoot.com

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The Yoga of Nourishment

Winter Spices

Winter Wellness by Kim Kemper

At this turning point of a new year, our natural rhythm draws us inside. Winter is here, temperatures drop and our bodies seek to find a new balance. Turning to foods and remedies which reduce inflammation (leading cause of lower immunity), give warmth, ground, lubricate and calm the body assist this balancing act.Here are a few simple strategies, that you can make to optimize your winter health and wellness.
Reduce inflammation – inflammation is the underlying cause of colds and flu’s – an over acidic condition – eliminate processed sugar, gluten and alcohol for 2 weeks to jump start your winter wellness.
Warm your body from the inside – use warming spices – ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, Himalayan salt. Drinking warm liquids throughout the day like warm lemon water and ginger chai tea will help:
Ginger Chai Tea
Simmer five or six 1/4″ slices of fresh ginger root, 1 tsp. of black peppercorns in 3 cups of water for 20 minutes. Then add a cup of your choice of milk, heat to just below the boiling point and sweeten with honey or stevia.
Ground with foods that are hearty – Skip the light, cold salads and choose more vegetables like roots, sweet potatoes and winter squash. Include a hearty breakfast like steel cut oats or quinoa with grated apple and sliced almonds. Warm, vegetable root soup like Sweet Potato topped with lightly toasted pumpkin seeds and sliced cilantro.
Lubrication aids the reduction of inflammation and dryness in the joints, muscles and skin – Fresh almond milk is a soothing choice. Dry brushing the skin, followed by a sesame oil self massage adds to the lubrication of the body as it brings calming to the nervous system. Massaging your feet at bedtime invites a calm, sweet winter slumber.
Almond Milk
Soak 10 almonds overnight in enough water to cover. Drain the almonds, slip the skins off. Place the nuts in a blender with one cup of warm milk, water or soy milk, a pinch of ground cardamom and a tsp. of honey. Blend at high speed for 5 minutes and enjoy. (you can use the soaking water as well, personal choice)
Natural remedies and supplementing are individual to one’s condition and there are a few that can be considered universal: salt water gargle for sore throat, warm water and lemon frequently to alkalize the body at the onset of a cold or flu, sinus wash with a Neti pot to open and drain congestion, yoga to stimulate immunity and deep, diaphragmatic breathing.
Begin to develop your winter wellness plan; from diet to supplements, to healing cold and flu with natural remedies which nature offers in abundant ways to stay well and heal during the winter months.

For your personal toolbox of effective remedies contact Kim Kemper, Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Counseling 215.262.5295
email: kim@kimkemper.com
website: kimkemper.com

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